Tuesday, April 01, 2014


I haven't asked for prayer lately and there are many of us wondering just who is need of prayer. I am sure there are all of us. My first request is prayer for my new great grandchild born yesterday in Colorado. It is a boy!!! Parents are Jeni and Eric and their two-year-old daughter calls herself a big sister!!! So I am asking for prayer for the whole family, now with two precious little ones. Second, and prayers I have offered up to our Heavenly Father nearly every day for days now and I hope you will pray for them too. Their need and want is to adopt a baby. I know they will make excellent and loving parents but their want has continued for almost two years. I believe God has His own timing but He would appreciate more prayers from us. God gave Dean and I five children and we loved and enjoyed every one of them. NOw they are all grown into still loved and precious. Another needing prayer is a long-married couple with cancer to pray over every day. I know there are many needing God's help. I am in assisted living and I know many here know are would appreciate love with prayers every day. So I am asking you, and even your families to talk to God about these people and others, I am sure even God will appreciate your caring for them. I thank you so very much. YOu can pray for my hands too, my fingers are really bad and need a spanking I guess. They won't behave!! Much love, Betty G

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