Monday, March 10, 2014


My days are usually "do nothing" days but Saturday Daughters Betty and Bobbi and Grandson Doug, came to move furniture in my living room. It was Bobbi's idea so they got busy and opened up more room and opened up the view of the big window. It is so much brighter now and One of the these days I will get my books and papers and clutter organzied so I can find things. Right now I constantly lose things and papers and notes are my biggest headache. Bobbi was here for two days and she is such a helper, but it isn't easy for her to drive here from LaCrosse every weekend, so I really appreciate her trips here. Of course she will be here more often now that the weather is getting better. Betty lives close and works close also, and comes often and is such a helper. I don't know what I would do without her. It's just nice also to have her here. Of course Doug never stops doing things for me. This past week he changed my tv by getting me a 32" so I can read it. Now he plans to hang it on the wall. That of course is only one thing, Doug keeps so much going for me. Of course the biggest chore for him is keeping my computer going and the printers. Right now I am trying to get him to bring his guitar and sing for me. He is very good but he is very busy. The weekend went so fast, and the kids worked so hard, I appreciated every thing they did and thank them so much. Now let's see how much I can get done this week putting stuff where it should be and not so scattered around. I am so messy!! Take care, Spring is coming!! Betty G


Jeni said...

Sounds like you have lots to do! So glad to hear. We can't wait for Spring here, but I think the winter where you are at has been the worst! Love you!

Bobbi said...

Hi, Checked out your blog. Your computer must be working okay for now.