Thursday, May 09, 2013


We are busy at our house packing to move, while Dean is getting oxygen therapy every day. These treatments will go on for six weeks. We have sold our house and will be moved yet this month. The packing is terrible. You can't imagine what a pack rat I am! Our children are doing the packing and I thank God constantly for them! As for me, I am reading, sorting, and tossing, while trying to get as much as ppossible for a yard sale. The reading part covers bits I have saved from books I have read. I am sending along a few out of pages and pages I have saved. John MacArthur writes, a holy man gifted by the Spirit of God and prepared in the Word of God has no equal in a power presentation of the Truth. Think about that! God had only one Son, and He made Him a preacher! From Laura Schlessinger, "When people do not appreciate that our technical achievements and our achievements and our increasing ability to control the physical world are blessings from God, man himself becomes his own god." Laura says, "Referring to God by any name, sacred or not, demands respect." I have a mountain of words to read and will probably post more of these gems. Thank you all for your prayers every day and help from God. He loves us. Betty G