Tuesday, January 08, 2013


Yesterday Dean saw the doctor for his cancer check. Today he sees his primary care doctor for a check up. Today it is post operative for surgery Friday. He has another tumor and Dr. Heth will remove it and cauterize it and we will pray it is the last one. He had been declared cancer-free but there it is, a tumor. He had been expecting it but he wouldn't tell me because I am a worrier and he isn't. He leaves things to God and accepts God's will. I do pray a lot about things but I always seem to take responsibility of what happens. That is not the right way. Still I do accept that God is in control. It keeps me befuddled! So, pray for him all week if you are a prayer. We know God is in control and we do accept that and know God loves us, all of us, and we are cared for. Thank you for your prayers. Dean does feel pretty good, just tired. Take care and thank you, Betty G