Sunday, December 29, 2013


Today is Sunday, the Lord's Day. As usual I cannot attend church but I have hope one of these days I will be okay in health and can go again. What I am thinking of today is having a testimony. I know this isn't a common thing but it certainly is important to the family to know of your testimony. Dean's was added to his obituary so I am writing here to be sure I never lose it. He first wrote of hearing of Jesus in church, then prayers by others for his salvation. Then he says, "I asked Christ into my heart August 29, 1981. I had never experience such a release of burdens off my shoulders. It is my prayer that anyone who does not know God will come to know Him, either by my witness or some way so they can experience the peace that knowing christ can give." I can testify that after Dean's conversion he was changed and was truly saved in all his actions and words. I am adding my testimony written when Dean wrote his and I am so thankful we both wrote them. I was raised in church, actually all my life, and with Christian family. Yet, I had come to realize I wasn't really saved for Heaven. These are my words, "One night in October, 1977, I surrenderd my entire being to the Lord Jesus Christ. The next morning when I discovered my thoughts and desires were completely changed, I knew indeed I was a new person. Even the sun shone brighter in the kitchen windows. I was attending a liberal church so my help came from other sources, Christian radio, God's Word, and prayer. God answered my prayers continually and I do believe He grounded me firmly by answering nearly every request I made." After Dean's conversion we were both baptized by Baptist and friend, Pastor Chuck Reagan. "I have continued in a love for Jesus and His Word." Much love, Betty G


Jeni said...

Thanks for sharing, Grandma! Love you!!!

RkBall said...

Betty, Thank you for this. I have continued with my annual trips to Africa. Am just on my way back now. May the Lord strengthen you every day in every way. -- Rick.