Sunday, December 29, 2013


Today is Sunday, the Lord's Day. As usual I cannot attend church but I have hope one of these days I will be okay in health and can go again. What I am thinking of today is having a testimony. I know this isn't a common thing but it certainly is important to the family to know of your testimony. Dean's was added to his obituary so I am writing here to be sure I never lose it. He first wrote of hearing of Jesus in church, then prayers by others for his salvation. Then he says, "I asked Christ into my heart August 29, 1981. I had never experience such a release of burdens off my shoulders. It is my prayer that anyone who does not know God will come to know Him, either by my witness or some way so they can experience the peace that knowing christ can give." I can testify that after Dean's conversion he was changed and was truly saved in all his actions and words. I am adding my testimony written when Dean wrote his and I am so thankful we both wrote them. I was raised in church, actually all my life, and with Christian family. Yet, I had come to realize I wasn't really saved for Heaven. These are my words, "One night in October, 1977, I surrenderd my entire being to the Lord Jesus Christ. The next morning when I discovered my thoughts and desires were completely changed, I knew indeed I was a new person. Even the sun shone brighter in the kitchen windows. I was attending a liberal church so my help came from other sources, Christian radio, God's Word, and prayer. God answered my prayers continually and I do believe He grounded me firmly by answering nearly every request I made." After Dean's conversion we were both baptized by Baptist and friend, Pastor Chuck Reagan. "I have continued in a love for Jesus and His Word." Much love, Betty G

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


It's Christmas Day and Daughter Betty and I will have lunch together at my home for the elderly. Betty is not elderly, but I am. I do wish all of you readers a Merry Christmas knowing Jesus is with us on His birthday. So enjoy the day and all you greet!! Much love, Betty G

Monday, December 16, 2013


All morning it has snowed hard. I don't get outside so I just watched it from the windows. I 2 and the snow has stopped, for now anyway. No sunshine and that I miss. I'm not sure of the temperature but you can be sure it is cold! Christmas is surely to be white and is almost here. I'm not ready. I don't have all my cards out and certainly don't have gifts ready. Since I have gotten up in years I see Christmas so different. I can't find Santa Claus with any connection. We seem to have lost the truth that Christmas in really the birthday to homor our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. So why substitue Santa? And there are Santa's elves, make believe slaves actually, making toys, taking care of deer and the sleigh, and all other parts of Santa's job. Still, as everyone says, it's for the children. I will admit in my younger years I would have agreed, but I have to say, we should be true to the truth. I only hope people will agree what the truth of Christmas really is! Blessings, Betty G

Sunday, December 15, 2013


It's time I reminded everyone to save and send their used postage stamps from envelopes and even packages and mail them to STAMPS FOR THE WOUNDED /LIONS P.O. BOX 297 DUNN LORING, VA 2202. This is not a new request. Wounded veterans really do make good use of these stamps that are usually just thrown away. I have been sending them for years as fast as I can collect an envelope full and I always get a thank you card. It is such a little thing to do and yet I know it is appreciated..... Betty G