Saturday, November 16, 2013


I haven't written in quite a while and I am sure there are some who wonder why. To begin with, Dean had been getting weaker and weaker with the bladder cancer and September 9, he passed away in the hospital with pneumonia and infection added to the cancer. He died peacefully. For that we were grateful to God because he had been down so long. Dean had great trust in God and never feared death. He didn't expect it so fast but he was ready. Dean and I had a love for each other dearly for 68 years. He was such a dear and good person there were many who loved him. We were sure that God had brought us together. I truly thank God for His love of us. I am now in assisted living, a lonley life, but our children and grandchildren are doing all they can to keep me in comfort, and I thank God for everyone of them. This is a hard blog to post. Life is not the same without Dean but I am reminded by God and by friends and family that I will see Dean again some day. I am blessed. Betty G