Saturday, March 09, 2013


Dean had another surgery yesterday on his bladder for cancer. Dr. Heth said it went good. It did last quite a while and then recovery made it a long session. He came home in pain and he will have a time of rest but he has to check in with the doctor Monday, and then it will be back to resting. Grandson Doug and Daughter Betty took the day and spent it with him and the hospital. They and Son Bryant, Daughters Bobbi and Peggy, have really been on the go for him and the hospitals, Madison and Mayo here. We are blessed and thank them continually. It's been more than a year. We are blessed,too, with your prayers and do thank you and our Lord. With love, Betty G

Thursday, March 07, 2013


Just a short note. Dean will have surgery tomorrow here at Mayo. It will not be removing his bladder. That will not happen. He will come home and have to stay off his feet and rest. That isn't easy for Dean but I will watch him. Then when I know more I will let you know. Thank you for your prayers and cards and calls. He stays chipper and appreciates you all. Our kids have been wonderful. They have taken him to Madison and Hospital here and spent time with him and been great. I guess it is one reason he is so chipper. Love, Betty G

Tuesday, March 05, 2013


HI, I know you are anxious to hear how Dean's latest doc visit was Friday in Madison,and it is now Tuesday night. I have to report it is iffy what he does next. We thought he would be having surgery to remove the bladder but now there are problems with that and we are waiting again to hear from the doctor in Madison. We are praying for probonic - spelling? - surgery to remove the bladder so that is still a possibility. Tomorrow he is to see Dr. Casper, the primary doctor here at Mayo, and and consult with him. Thank you for your prayers for him. We are trusting God for His will and accepting it but it isn't easy I have to admit. But thank you for your concern and your prayers, so many of you are praying for Dean. Love you all, Betty G