Wednesday, December 05, 2012


Aren't you tired of bad news?
I am.  Now I read of more.  The alarm I am reading of now, is our electric power.
There are reports of new alarms of probably terrorist attacts putting us out of power, electric power.
Makes me wish I could live in a warmer climate.
Wisconsin is not known for warm winters!

Now, I know God is in control and I often wonder what He has in mind for us. 
Reading "The Harbinger" I didn't get the idea that all will be goodness for the country.  If the people making all the decisions will obey God's rules and follow His Word naybe things will change.  The book is Isaiah 9 and and is really mindboggling.
I might read it again.  Right now all this going over the cliff talk, is not good news.

We can pray about this but at the same  time we must accept God's decision. 
We must remember God Loves Us, He always will, and trust Him and He will take care of everything.

Sorry. I get so down in spirit.  I hope you get up in hope and give me some good news.

Take care,
Betty G