Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I saw a headline like this and had a hissy-fit (a good old southern term).

I like the internet as it is but reps from 193 nations are getting together to control what we have with the internet.
The internet is made up of 40,000 networks that connect 425,000 global routes that today cheaply and efficiently work for us.  We don't get a vote.
But you and I are to be controlled by countries that include those that hate us.
It is also secretive.

There can't be anything good is this and I am finding another thing to complain about.  It seems that is never ending.

So, we must be praying for freedom and God will answer we can be sure.

I like the internet.  It's the way I get most of the news, devotionals and articles I need every day and are such helps to me, and letters to and from family and friends.
I'd be lost without it, and believe me it would be controlled and costly and I am upset.

So, let's pray.
Thank you,
Take care,

Betty G