Friday, November 02, 2012


It's time I get to politifcs.  I have ignored the subject but I really don't feel adequate to write my views.
Now, I have just read "The Amateur" by Edward Klein. Now there is a writer.  Excellent
He said all the things I have seen in Obama's four years.
You must know I did not vote for him and I will not vote
for him this time either.

Now I have the problem many others have, I do not know Mitt Romney.
Here's the solution.  I do not want four more years of
Obama.  People took a chance with him, his first time,
but I see Romney as a better and safer chance for this country.
We didn't know anything about Obama, we do know the
works of Romney..So I will take that chance.

"The Amateur" brought a few surprises but not many.  If
we had been paying attention, and I have been, we could have seen where he was leading.  All downhill for us.

As for Benghazi.  It is all over the news, it is a tragic time for our government.  It is lies and cover up, all the while
sacrificing the lives of young, valuable heros of the USA.

All that is coming from the words of the government is We didn't know.  Yet, somebody did!

It's sad,
Betty G