Thursday, September 27, 2012


Dean called from the doctor's office about 1 p.m.
He was expecting to get surgery, but instead he received the news there is no cancer in the bladder, it is clear!

I am thanking you if you prayed and thank God when you did for what He did.  I want you to thank Him too.

Dean will see the doctor in three weeks.  In the meantime he will be living.  He will see Matt's wedding in October.  The kids want him to go with them and they are now wondering who will stay with me.  I tell them I will be fine, so we will see if they will let me stay alone. They do worry.

So, praise God for Dean's healing.  He deserves it and God knows it.  Dean is a loving person, he loves people, he loves God, and Jesus, and His Word,  and he loves church, he never fusses about taking care of me, so many good things to love about Dean.

I repeat he deserves living.

God is good,
Betty G