Monday, September 10, 2012


Remember reading about an oil pipeline we needed for oil from Canada?  We saw jobs in it but Obama refused to allow it. 
Well, now Canada is recruiting our veterans for a long list of positions in Canada,with many paying 30% more than it would be in the US.
VetJobs partly owned by the VFW is aiding out vets in this.
If you are a vet looking for work this is a great help for you.

Now, why didn't Obama offer this pipeline in the US?  I really don't understand.

Betty G


I  got pretty upset over a letter with headlines saying "Be a Muslin in public schools.  High Court approves."

Now. that should scare anyone with kids in schools. 
I read today that it is fiction.  BUT only partly.  Islam is taught, discussed, hanging a banner declaring Allah is one and only God, taught of praying.  And all this and more has brought parents out to fight it.

There is a Council on Islamic Education which carefully scrutinizes public school textbooks around the nation and lobbies for more pro-Islam language studies.  And they are successful evidentally.  That is not fiction.
In Georgia, a teacher found his student learning about Islam polygamy.  That is not fiction.

There have been,in Florida, instances where Islam was favored over Christianity and Judaism.  That is not fiction.

Christians do not have any freedom, at any age in school, and that is not fiction.