Saturday, August 25, 2012


I would write personally to Rick but I don't have his address.
So I want to send him a note.  It's this:  Because you live in Canada you would like this article at written by the Nashville fiddler.  He writes of the beauties and joys of Canada, posted August 6, 2012.
I think you would enjoy it and all his writings.  He's super and everyone would enjoy them.

Betty G


            Dean's visit to the doctor with Peg along to help with morale, brought another two weeks to wait to get answers.  Lab test showed bleeding in the bladder so now it's wait til that heals and the doctor said he will test again.
Dean is feeling okay but still tired and yet he stays busy.  It's Peg who is feeling rotten lately.  She is back to being dizzy and having headaches.  Denny says it is stress, believable because she is taking on worry about everyone else, not just Dean.   She is concerned about everyone with a problem.

Back to Dean.  He has been going and doing and seems to be happy with the doctor and is accepting what he does and says.  I, too, am thankful for Dean, the doctor, and our family, and all their concerns and love.

I am asking you to continue to pray.  God knows our problems but He wants us to talk to Him about all our problems.   So I thank you for your prayers.
Thank you all,

Betty G