Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Dean's family reunion was a great time for us again this year.  Some of our kids came, but this was an unusual year because there were lots of people I didn't know or recognize.
Cousin Nancy really did a great job of getting people back and it was so much fun seeing so many there..
And the food was wonderful, everything was so good, and such a variety.
You can see I really enjoyed it.

Dean took my wheelchair so I could sit comfortably, I never moved, just watched everyone else and visited with the ones coming by me.
And so many precious little ones.  Cousin Jimmy was really proud of his new, 2 month old granddaughter.  She was adorable.  And great gramma Toni was proud of her and her sister.
We were on a lake with a nice pavillion, some of our little boys brought their fishing rods.  Someone found worms from somewhere!!
We were also blessed with beautiful weather.
People came from Colorado, and cities around in Wisconsin.
I repeat it was great.

So, with Nancy and her husband Eric doing all the work next year again, I hope to be there.
Thank you Nancy and Eric and to all who came and made it a memorable day.
See you next year!!

Betty G