Thursday, August 09, 2012


Well, I must tell you I went shopping yesterday, first time in over a month.  I used to let Dean push me in a wheel chair but I don't ask him to do anything that would tax his energy now.  We take my walker with the seat so I can sit down when my legs give out.  I go home in pain I can assure you.

We went to several stores with my shopping list.  One thing I wanted was a red pencil, not a pen, not a bunch of colored ones, just a red pen.

My reason for a red pen?  Since Jesus' words are usually in red in the New Testament, and Jesus in God the Son, I wanted to have a Bible with God the Father's words in red.  Only makes sense to me.
I asked a friend at church who happens to work in a Christian Book Store, if they had a Bible with God the Father's words in red.  She told me there weren't any that she knew of.  She suggested I go through the Old Testament and use a marker, and colored God's words.  The store has a pink marker that won't bleed through the Bible's thin pages.
They are always thin.
So Dean went by and bought one for me.  I don't care for pink, it looks so feminine and anemic, I think a red pencil would work better.
So, yesterday, I was on the lookout for a red pencil.  Nowhere could it be found.  I will have to visit craft stores and maybe they will have a single red pencil and not in bunches of all colors.  What a waste for just one pencil!!!

I will try again but it will not be soon.  I don't like the pain1!

See you,
Betty G