Sunday, July 22, 2012


This will be short.
I am a believer in prayer  - if it is God's will.  He will answer it "no" or what I pray for.

God is Master of the universe and big problems but He is also aware of minor things we pray for.

Small things like His answering my request Saturday.
I wanted something to come by mail that really wasn't to
be here for another week.  So I asked the Lord to get it to me by Saturday.  I was hoping and not really expecting.
I thought Friday since it didn't come I would have to wait for another week.
BUT there it was in the mail, before noon on Saturday.  I have to admit I was surprised.

Now why didn't I believe God would give me my request?  It was important to me, so why didn't I look for it to be there?
If God hadn't sent it to me on time, and not answered how I asked, maybe I would learned more patience. 

Grandson Doug would have agreed, I need more patience, especially with the computer!

Like I said, this is short.  And, too, I will keep it for my journal, so I am posting.

Betty G