Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I hate to tell this but Dean has to have more surgery Thursday.  One report says there is no sign of cancer but yet there are still problems, so there is surgery.
He says he is feeling fine, for that we are thankful.

Dean had a birthday Sunday.  Nothing exciting, some company, but nothing that tired us.
He is now 88 years old.

The family will be having a birthday for him Saturday.  They will all be here except Gary and Brandy.  We will miss them but Texas keeps them busy and it is a long drive.
Gary Jr. is in Afghanistan and Matthew Hundt, Bobbi's son, is a firefigher in the west wherever he is called to go. He is stationed in California.

Otherwise we are spending our days inside as much as possible.  The heat keeps that our choice, but it is all we can do.  Seems others are doing the same and praying for rain and cooler temps.

We are asking for your prayers for Dean, and I thank you.
Betty G