Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Back in April I asked for prayer for my brother.  He was very ill in the hospital and was my only sibling.  Also he was 9 years younger than I.
He was a very devout Christian and loved by many people and his family.
I do thank you if you prayed for him.

Now I do have to tell you that he passed away July 2 and his funeral was July 6 in Arkansas.
I could not travel that far.  Dean and daughter Peggy went. They got there in time to buy flowers and go to the Visitation.
Then they went to the funeral the next day. Dean says it was a beautiful funeral. 

It was a very sad time but they did get to visit with all the relatives and were back home Saturday night.  Bobbi stayed
with me while they were away.

Not going myself it did not seem real that he could be gone.
But I do appreciate Dean and Peg driving down there from Wisconsin and visiting with everyone, taking pictures, and now it does get real more and more, so I do thank them.

Take care,
Betty G