Monday, June 18, 2012


Isn't it wonderful to have a day to honor fathers!!
Our church gave books escpecially for fathers and little girls passed them out.  Everyone felt honored.

Then we had a really nice day at Betty's with the kids (that were able to come) with lucious food and fun.
 Bobbi had come up for the weekend and Saturday she had cooked supper using Jessica's lasagna recipe, delicious! Betty had joined us and we were eating on the porch at the patio table.  We talked, laughed, and  even had strawberry shortcakes.
It was great!
Dean can't have strawberries, so he had shortcake with whipped cream!  But he enjoyed it.

So, I do want to hope fathers everywhere at a wonderful day and no one forgot you.
Peg and Denny came later with a gift and news of the plans for Jeni's coming with Ava and Eric in July so now we look forward to that.

Happy days with your families!!!
Betty G