Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I have another good book I want to remember.  It is "Evangelism as a Lifestyle"
I had the training for "Evangelism Explosion" written by the late D. J. Kennedy, but I never saw any results.
It's one sows, another reaps, planting, watering, cultivating.  who will by Jim Peterson. 

I had the training for D.J. Kennedy's "Evangelism Explosion"  but I never saw any results.
I'ts one sows, another reaps, it takes watering and cultivating.  They can rejoice together.

Where is the conviction of sin?  It is out there to anyone who will listen.  When we have a need, our interest in God will grow again.

"From one man, God made every nation of man, to inhabit the whole Earth."
Here I realize how important people are who work as missionaries.  Billy Graham and his son, Franklin, preach all over the world.  They must know how to translate the "basic," Christian message.  They live to demonstrate their belief.

God's hand has to be with the missionary.  Then God has to open hearts.

"Sin deep in our hearts has blinded us to the wonderful truth that God not only loves us but all the peoples of the world."
A quote from the book I just read.

Betty G