Wednesday, April 25, 2012


This is a reminder that Stamps for the Wounded is a valuable program but I is not costly to us.  
This program asked for our canceled stamps that would be going right into the waste baskets in our homes.  

"Enforced idleness with boredom, loneliness, frustration, futility, despair, and all the dark futures, of so many wounded servicemen are helped with this minor thing that we can do." 

There are many ways the long-termed patients and the short-termed patients can use these used stamps that bring pleasure to so many.  They are "miracles almost."

Pack them well, send a lot of them, and do it constantly.

Stamps for the Wounded/ Lions
P.O.Box 297
Dunn Loring, VA 22027

I have been sending these for years and I always get a thank you.

Betty G


Dean is tired of being tired and I can't blame him.  He isn't used to sleeping so much but I am thankful he has a recliner to catch him.
Today he has to have his blood checked INR, that is to see how thin it is.
That is almost weekly.

Dean and I read a lot.  We both read Franklin Graham's book, "Living Beyond the Limits," and neither of us could put it down.  It is a terrific book, we recommend it.  Denny will get it next.

I also read  of Zig Ziglar's writings and I think I'll check with the library to see if they have any of his books, they should be good.

For instance, he writes, "We need to carve out a time so that prayer is a priority to us.  The pressures we face each day will threaten to crowd out our time with God, so we need to guard our time of prayer.... Prayer isn't just a self-improvement exercise.  When we pray, we are connecting with a living Person who loves, grieves, laughs and hears."

"It changes our lives and motivates us to live each day in the prescence and with the power of the Lord God."

Remember prayer - actually God does change things.

Betty G