Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 16 for Dean, 17 to go!

Sunny but only 59 temp and a cold wind.  So it 's not a good day to sit on the porch in my swing.

Dean's day at the cancer clinic was as it always is, not long but it made him tired.
Thank you Lord for his recliner.

In the mail today was a request for donation to the USO.
I know the USO is good. I was a part of it in WW  2 before I married Dean, before I even knew him.
I remember being there nearly every day.  I would leave after work in Little Rock and walk most of the time from Little Rock over the Arkansas River bridge to downtown North Little Rock to the USO building and stay for a couple of hours and then take the long bus ride home.
I remember good times like games , table pingpong and the like and just talking with the soldiers.  The talents  they brought like piano playing.  It was Salvation Army sponsored.  Many good memories.

And wouldn't you guess?  It was there I met Dean.  And before long  he was riding the bus with me and meeting my family.  My times at the USO were over.  It was three months and we were married, 1945.

By the way, I am reading Romans slowly in the Bible.  My memory gets shorter all the time and even much of the Bible is slipping away so I have to remind myself to get busy with reading again and again.

I hope others will remember this, you can forget so read things you want to remember again and again.  Don't let yourself forget.

Take care,
Betty G