Sunday, March 25, 2012


Beautiful day, too nice for March. Peg and Denny are here raking some of the flower beds. We had them covered with leaves all winter. So many flowers are up but it is too early.

Dean got outside for a while. Yesterday he slept the entire day. Today he is still just tired.
Tomorrow he starts another week of treatments at the cancer clinic, then 19 more in April.

Our church's last day at the old location was today. Then the 28th is moving day into the new location and April 1 is the first day in the new church. We aren't sure if we will get there or not.

I am very thankful that so many are praying for Dean's healing.. Our Heavenly Father is taking care of him and I thank Him also.

Take care,
Betty G

Back Again

I haven't been writing for my blog but I don't believe anyone was reading it so why write.

So I thought I'd just write for myself since I have the blog and it should be read by me.

So for myself I want to remind myself I have a Savious, Jesus Christ, alive in Heaven who looks after me and all my family. He has always been faithful to me and I know He cares and listens to my problems. I do believe He loves to hear my thank yous to Him for things I see happening to my loved ones as as myself.

So I will try to write often for myself and I want to talk to Jesus and remember. He says all He wants from me is my trust and belief in Him and He will always be my Saviour.

Take care,
Betty G