Monday, October 29, 2012


We are watcimg the eastern storm and praying for all the people out there.
Our grandson, living in the Queens area in New  York,  has been on our hearts for his safety.
As far as we know he is okay, the lights are flickering but he still had electricity.  Some of his friends lost their electricity, so he has company and is not alone.  His car sits on the street so that is a worry, but he and his friends are in his apartment, on a third floor and I hope he believes he will be fine.

So I am asking all of you to pray that they. all of them will come through this okay.  Even his car.
And let's see just what God has to do with His will through such a wicked storm.

You take care and thank you,
Betty G

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Monday of last week, Doug and Dean played golf.  As usual Doug took a pix of
Dean swinging that golf club but I couldn't remember how to add it to a post so it isn't here.
Dean played a good game though youngster Doug beat him by 2.  He didn't even get tired, and enjoyed it even without a cart.  Lots of out for golf because the weather was so lovely!

This week we have had company, our kids from Texas, and we have all rested some, and loved having them here.
Thursday, Dean drove a carful, and we have three rows of seats, to La Crosse for the wedding of grandchildren, Matt and Sarah.  There report is "It was beautiful."

ALso, it was pacemaker time for yearly clinic check.  It was good and he is okay for another stretch.

Tonight it is a trustees meeting at church.  Sunday it is always church for Dean.

Sadly, it has been two obituaries for friends.  We are all getting old, but one was a much younger lady.  Last week Dean was a pallbearer for a 94 year-old cousin, a dear one.

But, we thank God that Dean is so busy.  He gets tired, but actually feels good, and can wait til after Christmas to get checked for the cancer.  We pray it really is gone for good!!

Life is good,
Betty G

Monday, October 01, 2012


Yes, that is the word for the game, torture.
The game for the Packers with Seahawks was torture.  It wasn't going right for our Packers and the payoff was the unreal decision in the last 12 seconds of the game.
I felt sorriest for Jennings who caught the interception for the Packers and was missed by the refs.  It cost them the game and we felt cheated.

I happened to be in 1 Corinthians and Paul said don't get upset over a wrong, just accept it and being cheated.  So what do you do, you accept it, no matter how hard it may be.  Forgive the refs.

The fun of watching football had just began for me last year, after my high school years, 69 years ago.  I watched every game but all the  enjoyment of it died when I felt cheated for the Packers.

Last night wasn't the best though we were to supposed to have reliable refs.No matter the goofs, the Packers did win, 28 to 27, over the New Orleans Saints.
Now let the season get better, no more cheating, may the best team win, every time.
For me they are the Packers.

God is good,
We are to be good, too.

Betty G