Monday, July 30, 2012


Well, Dean is doing okay actually.  He is feeling good and busy.
His next doctor appointment is the third week in August when he is to decided what he wants the doctor to do.  That will be a hard decision.
There are medical ways, radiation or chemo, and surgery.  He hasn't come to a decision to what is the best way.  I guess we will all have to help him.

Anyway he is busy and feeling good right now.

We are expecting company in August with cousins we have longed to know from Arkansas.  They don't know us very well either so it should be a goooood  visit.

Take care,
Betty G

Thursday, July 26, 2012


This is the weekend for our annual thrift sale.  We have the privilege of having it under our big tent (we bought it for Dean's 80th birthday party, 8 years ago).  We also have Betty's backyard for the tent and it is cooler and roomy.
 Dean is over there helping set it up today, for Friday and Saturday.
Our problem is we want rain and yet we don't want too much to ruin the sale.  I don't have to tell you we hope to sell a lot and there are several of us with this hope.
So, we look forward to lots of people, and I wouldn't be surprised if one of the great-grand kids set up a lemonade

Y'all come,
Betty G

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


To keep up with Dean and his doctor.
His biopsy says it is cancer in the wall of his bladder.  Not good.
He will talk with his doctor Friday and see what they do next.  A couple of  our kids plan to go to the hospital with him.  He doesn't act nervous, he says he feel really good.   But I am nervous, a lump just stays in my throat.

We feel better when we know there are friends praying for Dean and the family.  So we thank you.

Betty G

Sunday, July 22, 2012


This will be short.
I am a believer in prayer  - if it is God's will.  He will answer it "no" or what I pray for.

God is Master of the universe and big problems but He is also aware of minor things we pray for.

Small things like His answering my request Saturday.
I wanted something to come by mail that really wasn't to
be here for another week.  So I asked the Lord to get it to me by Saturday.  I was hoping and not really expecting.
I thought Friday since it didn't come I would have to wait for another week.
BUT there it was in the mail, before noon on Saturday.  I have to admit I was surprised.

Now why didn't I believe God would give me my request?  It was important to me, so why didn't I look for it to be there?
If God hadn't sent it to me on time, and not answered how I asked, maybe I would learned more patience. 

Grandson Doug would have agreed, I need more patience, especially with the computer!

Like I said, this is short.  And, too, I will keep it for my journal, so I am posting.

Betty G  

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Dean had his surgery this morning with Peg as his chauffer.
He had corrosive treatments in his bladder and all is well again.  He has no cancer.
All this can return sometime, again and again, so we will need prayers for God's care and we will continue to trust Him for His will.

Right now He is providing good doctors so we pray Obamacare won't drive them out of practice.

He is resting now and will have to see the doctor again tomorrow.
We are praising God with thanks and our family too.
 If you prayed for him, we thank you too.

Betty G  

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I hate to tell this but Dean has to have more surgery Thursday.  One report says there is no sign of cancer but yet there are still problems, so there is surgery.
He says he is feeling fine, for that we are thankful.

Dean had a birthday Sunday.  Nothing exciting, some company, but nothing that tired us.
He is now 88 years old.

The family will be having a birthday for him Saturday.  They will all be here except Gary and Brandy.  We will miss them but Texas keeps them busy and it is a long drive.
Gary Jr. is in Afghanistan and Matthew Hundt, Bobbi's son, is a firefigher in the west wherever he is called to go. He is stationed in California.

Otherwise we are spending our days inside as much as possible.  The heat keeps that our choice, but it is all we can do.  Seems others are doing the same and praying for rain and cooler temps.

We are asking for your prayers for Dean, and I thank you.
Betty G

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Back in April I asked for prayer for my brother.  He was very ill in the hospital and was my only sibling.  Also he was 9 years younger than I.
He was a very devout Christian and loved by many people and his family.
I do thank you if you prayed for him.

Now I do have to tell you that he passed away July 2 and his funeral was July 6 in Arkansas.
I could not travel that far.  Dean and daughter Peggy went. They got there in time to buy flowers and go to the Visitation.
Then they went to the funeral the next day. Dean says it was a beautiful funeral. 

It was a very sad time but they did get to visit with all the relatives and were back home Saturday night.  Bobbi stayed
with me while they were away.

Not going myself it did not seem real that he could be gone.
But I do appreciate Dean and Peg driving down there from Wisconsin and visiting with everyone, taking pictures, and now it does get real more and more, so I do thank them.

Take care,
Betty G