Thursday, January 12, 2012


A conservative kingmaker editor, publisher, in New Hampshire is telling the truth for our hope of winning the election for the Republicans.

Joe McQuaid is saying Gingrich is the best candidate. He has called Mitt Romney the "worst candidate" and a "disaster for the GOP"

The New Hampshire publisher tells us how Mitt's focus is as I have said, "just one of our problems, the economy, versus a guy like Gingrich who is a real forward thinker." Gingrich gives good ideas on a lot of subjects needed to be corrected to win.

Romney, in a round about way, could get the nomination , but he would not beat Obama. The simple reason, conservatives will not vote for him, and Democrats will vote for Obama and because he is the only Democrat running. Like Rick says, that's the way the ball would bounce.

The way I see it, we had better vote for Gingrich to clean up our country from the mess Obama has made. He is a man of ideas and "a tough, smart Reagan conservative who brought the GOP out of 40 years in the wilderness, reformed welfare, and balanced the federal budget."

We had better get our heads on straight and understand this is the way it is.

Betty G