Sunday, November 13, 2011


This has been a year of seeing many friends die and of course it should be expected at our age. We are 85 and 87 and friends are in their 80's and one dear man who had been a friend of Dean's from childhood who was 90.

Allen Scott who no longer lived near us was widowed and lived with a daughter. That made it quite some time since we have seen him but we certainly hadn't forgotten him.

Allen was a dear Christian as was his family and lived by Dean for many years. Our children spent many fun times with Allen and wife Sally and their kids on their farm. Some of our kids speak of Allen as having "a twinkle in his eye." They loved to visit them.

We must appreciate them while they are here and say thank you for their loving friendship.
So I am writing this from our family.

Much love,
Betty Gumbert