Sunday, October 09, 2011


Remember this?
"This is My /beloved Son.....hear ye Him." Matthew 17:5.

He did not say..."Talk His ears off."

How can I show Jesus how much I love Him?
I am to watch my motives. Whom am I really serving?

Expect Jesus any moment of any day.
I am to be ready for a sudden departure.

Do I give unconditional love?
Don't wait for affectionate feelings to show love.

When Paul wrote his letter to the Romans this planet was overwhelmingly pagan.
Is it any different today?

Neither is there salvation in any other. Our modern society tells Christians they are narrow and arrogant, and argues that every religion is good if only the follower is sincere.
People forget that it's possible to be sincerely wrong.

Jesus didn't die to make me healthy, wealthy, or happy.
He died to make me holy.