Wednesday, October 05, 2011


You know how I loved my uncles when I was a little child in Memphis, because I have written about them so often. Well, I am now 85 and all seven are gone.

When their parents, my grandparents, were dying in the hospital several of my uncles gathered at their bedside and sang hymns that they loved as their parents passed from this life.

I always thought this was a loving thing to do. Maybe other families honored their loved ones this way but I didn't know any who did.

Now here in Eau Claire I am reading of choirs composed of women who know this as an "ancient tradition" of singing at the bedside of dying people to honor and comfort them. It's love and compassion at it's best.

Groups who visit nursing homes to sing and to cheer the ill and the elderly, continue this "ancient tradition" of honor and I must say, "Bless everyone of them."

Betty G