Monday, October 03, 2011


Whoosh! and the game was over!

I am not a fan for football games. Seems there are other things I'd rather do , like reading, but Sunday I watched the Packers against the Denver Broncos and I got just as excited as a any fan could. The Packers just walked away with the 49 to 23 win!
I loved it!

I do have to mention the pink things I kept seeing like boots and items some of the players, Packers, were wearing. I said "some."

Seems Senator Herb Kohl, an owner, was making us aware of the dreaded disease of breast cancer by spreading pink reminders, and for that we should thank him.

I believe it was our hero Aaron Rodgers I spied wearing bright pink booties after the game evidently to rest his feet. And after that win over Denver he probably needed them!

Hooray for Rodgers!
Betty G