Friday, July 29, 2011


Dean attended a funeral yesterday of a dear friend of ours, Lucy Meier. I couldn't go as much as I wanted to, it was just a really bad day for me and he went alone.

Lucy was a dear person and to me she was a life saviour.

It was 1960 and we moved from the city to the country with five children. Lucy only had one. She wasn't sure if she was going to be happy with five lively children added to the serene living in the country.

But happy she was and we were a one big happy family.

Johnny was one year older than our youngest and their birthdays were right together so they celebrated birthdays almost together.

Lucy became my dearest friend and we did every thing together. She taught me of the wild flowers, went for swimming lessons and as a result I love to swim, and we went for painting classes together. It was always Lucy and Betty, even the garage sales which were new to us and fun for us.

Husband Holly was the newspaper editor and called on me for some writing and actually was why I became a newspaper editor myself but to a smaller newspaper . He died several years ago.

People like the Meiers are gifts from God and I will always be thankful for them. They made my life blessed and I will never forget them.

I am sure Lucy will greet me in Heaven someday.

Betty G