Monday, May 09, 2011


Mothers' Day was very pleasant for me. I hope other mothers can say the same.

Expensive gifts are not necessary any more for me to show love and appreciation. For me the visits and the long phone calls made my day.
I did get flowers and I do appreciate them. We are still having cold days so I haven't been shopping for flowers yet.

There was a big mushy card from Dean and I always put them away and keep them, I have a bunch of them. He makes sure I know he loves me after 66 years being married to me.

Also, he took a casserole recipe I have and made it Saturday night and set it in the fridge for overnight. Then after church Sunday he baked it and fixed lunch. I must say it was very good.
That was done with love, and he did the clean up too.

My report, thank you Lord for Dean and for everyone of our children. All are precious to me.

Betty G