Wednesday, May 04, 2011


I have a question.

Since our borders are not secure as they should be and illegal immigrants come from everywhere including nations declared terrorists, we are not a safe country.

Arizona can attest to this problem as does New Mexico, California, and many other states.

We used to winter in Arizona, until 1990, because we loved the state, especially its climate and its fun. We just walked through the big gates into Mexico and enjoyed its shopping and the beautiful items made mostly by the Mexican people.

People are not able to do that now so easily. The people on our side, the United States, are actually, I am told, afraid to cross into Mexico. There is not a welcome to either side. It is sad.

I would like to hear how it is now for tourists. Are there still celebrations with parades, dancing, and the like? I loved the dancers in their flamboyant costumes. Beautiful! I still love my parade pictures.
Dressed up sheriffs on dressed up horses, the dancers, some little tots, so cute, and there were the tumbling firemen from Mexico. Terrific!

It was always fun. Usually it was all for the "snowbirds" as we were. We loved them and they showed their appreciation.

I wonder is there is anything to compare with this now? We miss it.

Betty G