Friday, April 22, 2011


The Book of James, brother of Jesus, is a short book and easy to read. I like the Living Bible for its simplicity. I know as I get older I do not get smarter so I need the Word, which is difficult to understand sometimes, to be simple. There are many versions? of the Bible. KJ is beautiful to read but sometimes not easy reading.

James is stressing trusting Jesus to lead us in life to be like Jesus. Remember God said we are to be holy because He is holy. That is to be our goal, not wealthy or famous, but holy. Only God can make us holy and we are to obey Him and He will.

Pretending to be good is dishonest. Living for God is our goal and that comes from God and believing and trusting Him to see us with Jesus, our precious Saviour.

I am rambling as usual. The Book of James is very important in explaining what God is accepts of us as believers and every Word is to be obeyed.

I love it and have no problem accepting it. Repeated readings bring confidence in God and His goals for us, to be like Jesus and God's acceptance and love for us.

Read it, you will like it!!

Betty G