Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Easter will be here next Sunday. It is a day we can celebrate because we can know Jesus is alive after death as we will be if we belong to Him.
When we are His Own we should have no fear of dying. We will be where He is.

Now we can fear the pain or the leaving those we love. We can cry and those we love can cry. Jesus wept over Lazarus' death and He even wept when He knew He would soon die Himself.

This is natural for humans. I remember very well how hard I cried when my daddy, whom I loved dearly, died. I still feel as though he is still here, and he is still in his home in Little Rock. My mother died when I nine and I had had my daddy so many more years. I do believe he was saved by Jesus and I will see him again someday as well as my mother in Heaven.

It isn't easy to have someone you love die, but God's Word tells us death is evil so we do not welcome it, we cry, but we accept it.

I want everyone to see that, cry for your loved one understanding you will miss them. Also understand if you have Jesus as your Saviour the loss is only temporary. Jesus has prepared that for us. It is up to us to accept it and be thankful to Him for His love and plan for us with death as a begining with Him and our loved ones.

Written with much love,
Betty G