Monday, April 18, 2011


Our days are unsettling lately. We have had a lot of calls for our house but no one even comes to look at it. We did have a young couple come in and look, liked it, they had only seen a for sale sign outside. He is a young minister with wife and children and this house would house them all very nicely. But they haven't been back. Now we have this lady and she seems to be interested so we are hoping. Weather here just doesn't warm up. I shouldn't complain, there are so many terrible storms across the nation. Flowers are up but weather is down, not a good combination. Palm Sunday was cold so there wasn't any Easter Egg hunt outside for our great grandchildren. Maybe Easter weather will be much better. Special services and a breakfast at our church. Dean hasn't been feeling good so he plans to call the doctor tomorrow. I can only watch him and do what I can to hope he feels better. Take care, and remember to celebrate Easter, remember Jesus lives for us, so we will live too. Betty G