Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Oh, how I love God's nice days like the one He has given us today. The thermometer was staying at 60 and I could sit in the swing on the porch and thank Him with joy. The trees here are big oaks and If I didn't know where I was I would think I was back in Memphis also sitting in a big swing on the big porch looking up at the big, even bigger than here, oaks all around me where the front yard covered six acres. Church , school, and Papa's worker's children in his plant-growing business were my friends and playmates daily and family made a loving family and now good memories. I'm still going through stuff and reading everything everything as I do knowing if we ever sell our house we will move, hopefully to assisted living. I do hate to leave the porch and the trees. It is like living in Memphis. I remember how special my uncles were to my aunt and me. Always special things like the wooden cleats up a tall tree, it seemed awfully tall to us, that we climbed and straddled a bag swing that they held to the tree with a long rope. It was on a cable by a pulley. When the uncles let it go we went sailing down to the ground over the tennis court squealing with happiness. One of those seven uncles went on to fly the Blackbird setting records that have never been broken. When we do move I will really miss the trees and the porch, and especially God's way fo keeping my memories. He has given me a world to thank Him with praise, we only have to open our eyes. God loves us. Betty G