Tuesday, February 22, 2011


We had a wonderful week of melting snow. The piles were dirty but oh, the snow was going down a little every day.

BUT, Sunday at 11 am, it began to snow and by Monday afternoon there was a new pile out in front of our house, 12 inches !!! It's still there but we are promised more tomorrow, goody, goody, more to get the snow blower out for and more to hunt for the car and get it prresentable again.

You know the joke about the couple deciding what to do with the car every morning after snow. The radio told them when and where to park the car every day, and after moving it back and forth on the street every night, the wife said, " Why don't you just park it in the garage?"

Lucky people. We don't have a garage so every morning after a snow we have to first find our white car, and then Dean clears the snow, but then the car usually just sits in the driveway and waits for the next snow!!!

Isn't Wisconsin wonderful!!!

Betty G