Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Well this week so far started last Thursday.
Our grandson, wife, and precious little one-year-old son, drove up from Minnesota, to visit us and we had a great time with them.
We took them to eat at our favorite restaurant, in fact no. 1 in our town. The little cutie was talking to other diners while running around the tables. He was so well behaved the diners were enjoying him, and he is so cute.

I try not to post any pix of little kids on the internet so his pix is not here, you will have to take my word for it, he is a precious little guy, and all boy.
Grandson Russell told me it is dangerous to put kids' pix on blogs and he is an attorney and knows what can and has happened with them, so I trust him.

Saturday, the kids had a party for our grandson's leaving for the army. It may be Air Force as he is going to school for helicopter maintenance. I hate to see him leaving his little family but he has wanted to serve in the military sometime so I am proud to see him begin and I think he has chosen wisely what to do.
In World War II Dean and I were separated almost a year when he was in Germany so I know we must pray for him and his family, for it isn't easy for any of them. God will take care of him when we all send our concerns to Him and trust Him with them.

So, now we pray for peace more than ever and to come sooner and all these brave men finish their tour, and return to life with their loved ones.

Betty G