Monday, January 31, 2011


Yes, thank you Rick of The Ball Bounces, for his list of stories from the world over. I have been what I would call "ill" for several months now and sometimes just miss everything. I have a yen for politics, any and all politics, so I appreciate the listing Rick posted and read them at my leisure. And leisure is what I have had plenty of.

Dean bundled me up and took me shopping today. Bitter cold but I didn't really care. I was just happy to get into a store and fill up my basket. Two stores and I was ready to come home. One store was in my own wheelchaire, pushed by Dean, and holding a basket that belonged to the store, the other in a wheelchair with a huge basket that covered the front of the chair. It held a lot of groceries, of course it did, it belonged to the store and they wanted me to fill it up!

So, I enjoyed shopping, and Dean is an angel to take me. He has spent these months spoiling me and trying to please me constantly, and I must say I love him and appreciate his taking care of me. He had a dye-check job Saturday and he got everything ready for Bobbi to be with me all weekend. She lives in LaCrosse and gave up her weekend to see about my weekend and give Dean a worry-free time.
You can see these kids of ours are precious to us!

Bill Cosby said he wasn't boss at his house. He had seen what a boss of the house does, and he doesn't want the job.
Dean has the job of boss of our house, I pray he doesn't always have to have to be boss. It has been a learning job for him, BUT I think he is better than I have ever been.

Bettty G