Friday, December 30, 2011


Things are looking bad in Iowa for Newt but Reagan's son Mike is hosting 30- minute specials , 200 of them, all over Iowa and into Omaha and South Dakota where Iowa reaches. These specials will feature Gingrich for 30 minutes as the strongest candidate to follow Reagan. Newt is a man who believes that "President Obama's vision for America is a dangerous one and must be stopped and reversed." These 30-minute specials will explain how Newt sees America can be saved.

Gingrich will also get some some help in Iowa with 30-second commercials running often.

Betty G

Thursday, December 29, 2011


I am still for Newt for president.

He is being favored by conservatives all over. Now it's Ronald Reagan's son.
As for Ron Paul, he is said to be "more liberal or radical than Obama."
I can't imagine anyone wanting to legalize heroin as Paul does. Not even Obama wants this.

Than there is Romney, another choice. All I hear is pro-business. Fine, but there is more to our country than business, there must be intelligence in that. I see Newt's "Contract in America" intelligence's leadership that I will always remember.

Betty G


Tuesday, December 27, 2011


History of our country and how it got so corrupt in our politics get very open in our minds and can be learned from reading Newt's books.
The one I have right now from the library is new, written in 2010, named "To Save America."
Titled very well it will open minds and regardless whom you vote for will teach you things about America's government and how it runs that you just never realized would be possible.

Newt has written many books and I intend to find some more and read them.
So far what I have learned I hope to see change - for the better.

Betty G

Friday, December 16, 2011


I have made my choice for president and I don't intend to change it. I have listened and read and I know it is the right choice .
I didn't vote for Obama and it was the right choice then, Bush was my choice and he would have been the better man and I am sure people now believe Bush would have been the best man in so many ways. Now we have to work hard to get our country back on the right way.

I appreciate help from honest writers, people who know politics, who want what is best for us and our entire world, people who ask God for what is best, and who take advice and give us the best advice. I know of no other way to select a leader that will be the best.
Now if I could understand the many problems of politics like I did when I was younger I would not need so much help but I have to admit age takes away understanding and I have to rely on others for good minds.
So, I have to be thankful for them. But I have to be discerning with my choices.

My choice is Newt Gingrich. I do believe his "wild oats" are past and he is the only the best hope. I'll write about what he sees and what I see also, and how we can get our country back in good graces in our eyes and in the eyes of the world.

We have a country we should be proud of and we need to let the world know and our own country to know it and be proud of our people and what we can accomplish for ourselves . God is good and we have so much to be proud of and thankful for.

Now we need someone to remind us of this and remind us of how much God loves us and will be with us always.

Forgive my rambling. I was once an editor for a newspaper and I was proud of my work but my age has taken it away and so I only write for myself and the few who do read it. It is journaling and my thoughts for keeping.

Betty G