Tuesday, October 25, 2011


It's about time I am beginning to get the bug for football.

I must have always had a place in my heart for the game, especially
when the Packers come on the scene. So Sunday had me at a picnic at daughter Betty's watching the Packers win again. It was a tense game but our hero Aaron Rodgers won again!

If you aren't a fan of the cool Aaron you are missing a super eagle-eyed guy who never gets nervous, he just puts that ball on the the line and whamo- it's where it is supposed to be and our hero wins again. Of course the receivers are all heros too so it is a win-win game again.

God's eye stays on him and his eye stays on God and I am yelling with everyone else!!!

Hey, they are the only undefeated NFL team out there!

Betty G

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


God has spoken to us by His Son. He has told us to listen to Him.

God spoke to the prophets and to the people at Jesus' baptism so I can be sure God is an intelligent person and does commnicate with me, especially with His Word, the Bible, and by His Son. I must listen and read.

I cannot see God. I know He is real. Jesus has given me an exact description of God - believe - remember.

Jesus did not "become." He always "was."

He whose head is in Heaven need not fear to put his feet into the grave.

Activities do not add to salvation. Believing and trust are salvation.

The world asks, "How much does He give?"
Christ asks, "Why does he give?"

May we never come to the Lord empty-handed, but let us "Enter into His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise." -Psalm 100:4.

Millions of people have no church, no Sunday School, and no minister.
You have all these blessings right at your doorstep.
Are you thankfu for them?
Do you make use of them?

Betty G

Sunday, October 09, 2011


Remember this?
"This is My /beloved Son.....hear ye Him." Matthew 17:5.

He did not say..."Talk His ears off."

How can I show Jesus how much I love Him?
I am to watch my motives. Whom am I really serving?

Expect Jesus any moment of any day.
I am to be ready for a sudden departure.

Do I give unconditional love?
Don't wait for affectionate feelings to show love.

When Paul wrote his letter to the Romans this planet was overwhelmingly pagan.
Is it any different today?

Neither is there salvation in any other. Our modern society tells Christians they are narrow and arrogant, and argues that every religion is good if only the follower is sincere.
People forget that it's possible to be sincerely wrong.

Jesus didn't die to make me healthy, wealthy, or happy.
He died to make me holy.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011


You know how I loved my uncles when I was a little child in Memphis, because I have written about them so often. Well, I am now 85 and all seven are gone.

When their parents, my grandparents, were dying in the hospital several of my uncles gathered at their bedside and sang hymns that they loved as their parents passed from this life.

I always thought this was a loving thing to do. Maybe other families honored their loved ones this way but I didn't know any who did.

Now here in Eau Claire I am reading of choirs composed of women who know this as an "ancient tradition" of singing at the bedside of dying people to honor and comfort them. It's love and compassion at it's best.

Groups who visit nursing homes to sing and to cheer the ill and the elderly, continue this "ancient tradition" of honor and I must say, "Bless everyone of them."

Betty G

Monday, October 03, 2011


Whoosh! and the game was over!

I am not a fan for football games. Seems there are other things I'd rather do , like reading, but Sunday I watched the Packers against the Denver Broncos and I got just as excited as a any fan could. The Packers just walked away with the 49 to 23 win!
I loved it!

I do have to mention the pink things I kept seeing like boots and items some of the players, Packers, were wearing. I said "some."

Seems Senator Herb Kohl, an owner, was making us aware of the dreaded disease of breast cancer by spreading pink reminders, and for that we should thank him.

I believe it was our hero Aaron Rodgers I spied wearing bright pink booties after the game evidently to rest his feet. And after that win over Denver he probably needed them!

Hooray for Rodgers!
Betty G