Saturday, October 16, 2010


Still here trying to keep going. It has been mostly going to the doctors.
I've made several trips to doctors at emergency for my hips and pain all for results from several falls. The final results are fractures circling the pelvic bone. So I have been sitting a lot and using the heating pad. Lots of tests of various kinds and the result of possible healing but slow. I have been reluctant in reporting this, it seems all I do is report my health and that does get tiresome.

Now, a new reason for a visit to emergency. I am losing a toe nail.
I knew the nail on the big toe of the left foot had turned black. I didn't realize it was so loose til there it was blood from the toe and it was a surprise to me.
So off to the doctor. A nurse just wrapped it and gave me antibiotics to take for five days. She expects the nail to come off but it will stay wrapped. I don't know what to expect so will hope someone will let me know what to expect. Can't be too bad.

Anyway I am up and the pains are easing everyway and everyday I hope I quit whining!!!

Our days are beautiful lately and I do hope you are enjoying your days.

Betty G