Thursday, September 09, 2010


We are out of summer and into fall and school is going good. Mornings are downright cold. Bible studies have begun at our church again. It is also flu shot month, hope there aren't any new shots being pushed
September 2 - Brandy's daughter's birthday. That's Michele.
September 2 - is also Marty's birthday. Hope the girls had a happy day!
September 14 - Anniversary greetings for Grandchildren Gary Jr. and Jeni.
September 16 - Hope this is right, Great granddaughter Melanie's birthday and Great granddaughter's Amanda's birthday, we will celebrate a combination birthday party next Sunday afternoon at Betty's, where else !!!
Sept 28 - Happy birthday, Zoanna!
September 17 - Dean's surgery for prostrate. We aren't looking forward to this but we are thankful for those words, NO CANCER!! He is feeling fine.
A really short list but plenty to keep us busy and something will pop up to put us back in the busy lane again.

Here is another date.
September 25 -Grandson Jeremy will have an open house at his new building for his One Tree Martial School. He is now moved into a BIG building from his Small one downtown. We wish his well.
Every fall I say this, "I am so unorganized." Summer does that to me. Now, "Get busy, Betty!"

Happy Birthday Anniversary greetings to all I listed and to all I missed.

Betty G