Monday, August 23, 2010


This is an article by Mary Carothers co publisher of the Praise News letter I get once a month. I thought someone would like to read it just as I did.

A five-year-old tearfully approaches his mother. In agitation he plops a puzzle on her lap. "I can't make it work!" he wails. "I'll fix it for you," she answers, and promptly begins to put the pieces straight.

"But I don't want that piece to go there," the child whines. "That's where it belongs, honey," says Mother.

"But I don't like it there....I want it in another place." More whining! As long as the five-year-old whines and insists on having the pieces where he wants them, Mother can never complete the puzzle.

How many of us would be exasperated in this mother's position? If only the child would keep his mouth shut and his hands off, the puzzle could be fixed in minutes.

Yet, many times we are that "fine-year-old" as we tearfully take our problems and burdens to the Lord. "Lord, why don't You get busy and make my husband like I want him to be?" Or, "Lord my children just don't want to go to church."

What we are really saying is, "Lord, I don't like the way You are "putting the pieces together' in the lives of those I love. I want You to work in their lives the way I want it done."

How much better for all of us when we bring our problems to Jesus and then stand back and keep our hands off. When we whine and complain, it binds God's hands and prevents Him from working out the puzzle or our lives.
When we stand back and praise and thank God for what He is doing, even though we may not see any evidence of it, it releases His hands to work in our lives.
Besides, it's more fun to rejoice always!

Rejoice always.
Betty G