Sunday, August 22, 2010


Well, I am not doing so good. It has been a month now and I am still not walking without a lot of pain in my right hip. Still not sure what is causing it.
Dean put a board under the mattress today and now pray that will help. My doctor said my spine is bad above all my fusions. I say, no more surgery, so he is giving me pain medicines and hoping the pain will just go away. Now, that doesn't sound very hopeful to me but we will see.

Peg is doing so-so. She is still having spells of vertigo and still going for acupuncture. She and Denny went camping last week with friends and her vertigo hit her about every day but she insists she is better. She did go to church today. Jeremy had his breaking of bricks yesterday in a big grocery parking lot, with all the hoopla of big balloon stuff for kids, Dean said it very impressive, and Peg was baby sitting part of the day.

Betty had a birthday party for 10-year-old Brett today after church and I couldn't go because I still can't walk. She had Tacos and sent some home for me.

Bryant is still happy with Maryland. He and Vada are planning a gravestone for son Buck. Should have it done with week.

Gary is still busy as manager of the auto parts store. Brandy says it is the best auto parts store in the district, she adds she is very proud of him. We all are proud of him and would love to see them. Our sons are so far from us now.

That is how we are doing. This week is scheduled for something everyday but one. That is too busy but I am grateful.

Take care,
Betty G