Monday, August 16, 2010


This reunion has been held every year for over 50 years and we are still going. It is my husband's family and everyone I have met has been a precious person. He has a wonderful family and I want to go to every reunion. I thank the Lord for each one of them .
It gets smaller every year and I think, every year, the rest of the family doesn't realize what they miss.
This year we met in a park, just the family. There was a pond, quite large actually, and Greatgrandson Brett had brought his new fishing pole and worms. He is 10 and got his pole for his birthday, August 1. He did catch a little fish and the other kids had to feel it before he threw it back! Greatgrandson Tyler "cutie", 2, carried the worms around in their dirt and carton and of course he had to show them to everyone. The kids had a great time.
Then the food was really good, and the visiting was great, so of course the adults had a great time too.
I was hurting so sat in my walker all the time, but I enjoyed every minute.

Next year we plan to go to the same park. I thought it was perfect. It was good to see everyone.

Betty G