Saturday, August 14, 2010


Things are at a standstill for us. We are trying to have a last time garage sale this Friday and Saturday but it has been a disaster so far.
Thursday Dean and Doug put up the big tent for the garage sale in Betty's yard. During the night a strong storm came through and took it down and broke some poles. That was the start of the disaster.
Dean and Bobbi got busy and tried to set the stuff up in half of Betty's double garage. It was nice for a while and then the rains started most of the day. So they were forced to close it.

Now it is Saturday and they are trying again. Hopefully the weather will be okay today. Bobbi is a Watkins dealer so she has set up a really nice array of Watkins products and a huge sign so the purpose of the sale may be better today. She has been a Watkins dealer for many years and has a good business as a side line.

So we will try again for a garage sale today. Next thing will be fall and winter, and outside sales will be over.

I love garage sales. I remember having them over 40 years ago and going to them in Eau Claire with Lucy Meir, we were having a great time. Her husband, Holly, was editor at the Chippewa paper and we would stop and pick a paper for that day.

Down south the churches would take things to the poor areas and sell them for a nickle or a dime to make money for their churches. What they didn't sell was given to the poor. It was a hard time for everyone in the 30's and even the early 40's.

Those were also the days, down south, of curb markets. Produce from gardens and even from farmers, filled vacant lots in town. Now they are called farmer's markets. Those selling produce often had trucks and they peddled their produce up and down the streets in towns.

That was the depression. I was young and really didn't know how bad it was.

Take care, know what is going on in the world.
Betty G