Friday, July 30, 2010


It's summer and I love summer.
BUT I don't love the way I am feeling lately, no energy, legs not working, so I am not excited about anything.
That could change. In the meantime there are some people to remember this month. I may not have everyone listed so help me if you can.
Thank you.

August 1 - Great Grandson Brett is 10 years old.
August 15 - Gumbert annual reunion, never miss this.
August 22 - Great Grandson Avery, birthday.
August 28 - Brandy's birthday, I never ask her age, but hubby Gary probably knows.
August 29 - Great Grandson Tristian will be 14! Yes, 14!
- Also Dave and Marcie will note 66 years of marriage.
August 30 - Lowell, our oldest grandson, will be 40 years old, this is another correction. He is really 43!111

Sometime this month, I think it is August 1, Jerry and Doris will celebrate their 51st anniversary.

Looks like a slow month but could change.

Greetings to yall, a little southern lingo!!
Betty G